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Über uns

Who we are

We are producers and wholesalers of plastic products at entry-level prices for house and garden products. In addition to our broad product range and service-orientated customer relations, we offer highly competitive prices, making us your one-stop supplier, cutting out the need for a middleman.

We work so closely with our manufacturing partners that some even use our tools. We are the perfect partner for promotional campaigns, personalised branding and system walls. Since the turn of the century, we have consistently performed with great success in the market place. Currently, there are over 2,000 customers throughout Europe and Switzerland selling our products.

Our headquarters is conveniently situated in Dehrn near Limburg, close to Germany’s geographical centre (between Cologne and Frankfurt). Our offices are in the former agricultural buildings of Dehrn Castle. Our logistics base in Mülheim-Kärlich near Koblenz has space for up to 10,000 pallets. From there, about 25,000 Centi products find their way to the trade each day. With a 25-strong team, we are a lean and efficient organisation.

What we do

We deliver to retail chains, wholesalers and medium-sized retailers. Besides supplying ‘own brands’ and labels for promotional campaigns, we can fill complete system walls from our product range.


Our customers

Our customers all have one thing in common: They are looking for top-selling quality products at the best prices. We have an extensive network of customers including large retail chains, discounters, overstock-markets, DIY stores, garden centres and the food retail industry.



Some examples of typical customers include:



  • a non-food discounter with 3,000 branches that buys from our garden catalogue for seasonal advertising campaigns and promotions
  • a medium-sized non-food discounter with 95 branches that maintains a regular order from our household range to their distribution centre. Additionally, we supply many of the promotional items featured in their regular advertising flyers.
  • an overstock market of some 500sqm sales area with 7-metres of shelving devoted to Centi household products; they reorder fortnightly.
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  • an Internet marketer buys an article on the basis of 1HGV / month for sale through its online channel.
  • a purchasing group with a 40-strong membership lists our entire range, from which individual members order goods as required.
  • part of our range is stocked by a local franchise with 8 branches
  • a packaging company buys food-safe household buckets to supply a German trade group for special campaigns
  • a city-centre business buys a variety of items from our household range as ‘specials’
  • a franchised DIY specialist buys planters on a large scale, as well as a select range of household articles...